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Frequently Asked  Questions for the complete library license

! This is not a sample library. Use of these audio files as samples is not permitted under the sync/master license.

What does 'Royalty Free' mean?  

Can I use the audio files in my music production?

Royalty Free means you only ever have to pay a one time sync license fee for the Acoustic Delight ® Production Music Library. You can then use the the music as many times as you like (unlimited) without having to pay a royalty for each production created, sold or distributed eg. DVD's as stated in the Sync/Master License.  
NO, this is not a sample library.

To incorporate them into another musical work, create a derivative or to use them to create a new musical work or to sing over the top is not permitted. You cannot market, sell, promote the music as your own work.

How many times can I use the audio files/tracks?   Can I add instrumentation to the audio files?

The license is for multi-use for all media in perpetuity for the world. You can use the library again & again on as many productions as you like.

A special games license is required for console & app games.


No. That is called creating a 'Derivative' & not permitted.

Used as background music you can add voiceover, dialog, narration, sound fx etc.


Who can buy a license?

Anyone can buy a license however it cannot be shared.



Can I apply eq to the audio files etc.?
Yes, you can apply eq, fade in or out, add compression/limiting, re-master etc. You can use as much of a track or any part of a track that you need. You just can't add effects that change the fundemantals of the track ie. you can't make it sound different to create a derivative.
Can I sell or share the library?   Do I need to give credit?
NO the license is non transferable. To be used by the registered purchaser (licensee) only.   No, but a if your production has a credit roll a simple 'music by Acoustic Delight' or 'additional music by Acoustic Delight' would be appreciated
Does the License fee include any sales tax or duties?    

No, the license fee charged by the Licensor does not include any taxes, duties or other government charges. It is the responsibility of the Licensee/purchaser to comply with the tax laws of their own country.



Acoustic Guitar Production Music Libray

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