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What does 'Royalty Free' mean?

Royalty Free means you only ever have to pay a one time sync/master license fee.

How many times can I use the audio files/tracks?

The license is for multi-use for all media in perpetuity for the world. You can use the library again & again on as many productions as you like

Do I need to give credit?
Yes, it is a requirement of the license agreement.

The creator of the Acoustic Delight loop, song phrases & sample library G P Gardner must be credited by percentage as a co-writer for any composition that uses the library.

For example. If you write the lyrics over a library track then the split would be 50/50%. You 50% as author (lyricist) & G P Gardner 50% as composer.
If you write the lyics & only use 30 seconds of the library in a 3 minute song the split would be You 50% as author (lyricist) & You & G P Gardner 42/8% as composers with you being the 42%.
The total of percentages for a song lyrics/music must add up to 100% with the lyics (author) being 50% & the music (composer) being 50%
These percentages must be entered at distribution ( eg: CD Baby), streaming services, CD or vinyl manufacture, cue sheet, lpr's, etc.
Can I sell or share an audio file?

NO. the license is non transferable. To be used by the registered purchaser (licensee) only.

Do I have to keep the original track title?

No. The track titles are for identification & inspiration only. You can name the new work anything you wish

Can I add instrumentation to the audio files?

Yes, You can do whatever you want, just remember to give credit

Does the License fee include any sales tax or duties?

No, the license fee charged by the Licensor does not include any taxes, duties or other government charges. It is the responsibility of the Licensee/purchaser to comply with the tax laws of their own country.

Be sure to read the license agreement it's only 2 pages


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