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music nft by acoustic delight on opensea


Have you ever considered owning your own piece of music?

a privilege only held by composers, publishers & record companies.

Today all that has changed with an Acoustic Delight 'one of one' MUSIC NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain

When you purchase the MUSIC NFT you also purchase the rights to that song. That is the copyright & publishing rights.

You become the owner of that compositon. Yours to exploit, commercialise, license, gift, re-sell, hold as an asset, whatever.
For some it's an entry into the music industry as a music publisher or a production music library, the first step in building a music cataloge. 
For others it's an investment to add to a crypto wallet or it could be a unique 'one of a kind' amazing gift or maybe it's just for the love of music.
Acoustic Delight MUSIC NFT's brings your crypto investment into the real world with added value & utility. Each purchase comes with the high resolution 'Master.wav file' download, MP3 & a transfer of ownership rights contract.

The Acoustic Delight & the Guitar Soundtracks collections are masterfullly played guitar tracks with no samples & no loops.

Limited drop of just 10 'One of Ones' each month.

Each of these tracks has it's own story - learn more by clicking the NFT's image

Acoustic Delight Music NFT Collection

Rocked by Trees Music NFT
New Music NFT on OpenSea
Smooth Time Music NFT
Music NFT Open Sea
Tuppence Music NFT
NFT Music


After Hours - Music NFT
Ethereum NFT
Fleshellé - Music NFT
Crypto NFT
Driftwood - Music NFT
Invest in Music NFT


Another Night - Music NFT
Music NFT
One Floor Above - Music NFT
NFT Collection
Over the Fence - Music NFT
Crypto NFT


Guitar Riff NFT
0.7 ETH

First Light - Ethereum Music NFT

OpenSea Music NFT
Live Ethereum Ticker


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