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Acoustic Delight Multi-Use Sync & Master License - Basic Agreement Terms

This is an agreement between the composer (the "Licensor") creator of the Acoustic Delight Production Music Library ("Acoustic Delight") and you (the "licensee"). By purchasing the Multi-use Sync and Master license you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) as same pertain to the license you purchase.


1: Non Exclusive License. By purchasing the Acoustic Delight Sync and Master license, the Licensor grants you the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide right and license, in perpetuity to use Acoustic Delight recordings in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and the Sync and Master License, as applicable. In consideration of the license you purchase, you hereby agree to pay the Licensor a $US275 license fee.


2: Usage. You may:

(a) Use the Acoustic Delight recordings an unlimited number of times for your personal projects and or professional/commercial projects that you undertake for your clients for any & all media throughout the world in perpetuity.

(b) Sell the finished products or productions with Acoustic Delight recordings synchronized and embedded as soundtracks, background music or as audio logos.

3: Limitations. You may not:

(a) Sell, market or promote or make available an Acoustic Delight recording as part of your music or as your song or claim to be the creator or copyright holder of an Acoustic Delight recording.

(b) Use an Acoustic Delight recording to create a derivative work.

(c) Sell, transfer, sublicense, give away or in any way assign the Acoustic Delight Production Music Library or your rights granted hereunder to any other party.

(d) Resell or make the Acoustic Delight Production Music Library recordings available or downloadable as separate audio files to a third party.


4: Ownership.

You hereby acknowledge that the Licensor is and remains 100% owner of all rights, titles and interests in the Acoustic Delight recordings, including without limitation any copyrights therein. The Acoustic Delight recordings are protected by and subject to Australian and international copyright laws. This license is non-exclusive and the Licensor retains the right to sell licenses of the Acoustic Delight recordings to third parties at his sole discretion.

The parties hereto are entering into this Agreement as independent contractors, and no partnership or joint venture or other association shall be deemed created by this Agreement.

5: Warranty.
The Licensor warrants and represents that all recordings in the Acoustic Delight library are written and composed by the Licensor and hereunder be 100% owned by the Licensor.

6: Limitation of Liability.

The Licensor makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, except that the Licensor warrants that he has the right to grant the license granted hereunder. The total liability of the Licensor under this Agreement arising from your use of any Acoustic Delight recordings shall be limited to the license fee paid by you for such recordings. You hereby agree that this license is granted to you without any other recourse.


7: General Provisions.

This Agreement shall be governed according to international copyright law and the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. If any provisions of this Agreement be invalidated for any reason such invalidation shall have no effect on the remainder of this Agreement and the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

8: Taxes.

The license fee charged by the Licensor does not include any taxes, duties or other government charges.

It is the responsibility of the Licensee/purchaser to comply with the tax laws of their own country.

These are the basic agreement terms - Please download and read the sync/master license below


Download Sync/Master Sample License


If you have any questions about the details of this license please contact


Acoustic Delight ® is a registered trade mark & is the property of the trade mark holder

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