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Acoustic Delight

GD Gardner

Meet the Instruments
Martin 000-18 - Vintage Dobro - Martin HD28

The first album I ever bought was Harvest by Neil Young,

I actually had to buy it twice because it got warped by the sun in the hot car on the way home. Buying the Harvest album put me on a musical journey that has never ended, that was 1972.

Hi, so glad you clicked. I'm GD (WahWah_Man)

I am an Australian born master guitarist (fingerstyle) of over 50 years playing.

Please have a listen while you read on

My first gig in front of an adult audience was an after hours cafe called Obelia's in 1974. Since then I must have done over a thousand gigs, played on most continents, slept in hundreds of motels & won a few awards.

Now an indie producer & studio owner. Creator of Acoustic Delight which is an acoustic guitar music library I have built up over the years.
And also a grandfather of five & aging quietly here on the coast.

 The guitar I am holding in this picture is my 1930's original Dobro slide guitar that I have owned for a very long time, dripping with mojo I had it restored & brought back into playing condition. It's a prized possesion, I think of it as a funtional work of art, a thing of beauty with many facets & it features quite a bit in my music library & will do in future Music NFT mintings.

 All of the compositions in my library are played by me on the finest instruments, they each have a mood & a story to tell, clicking on the NFT's image will open up the description window.
 The Acoustic Delight collection on OpenSea & also my Soundtracks collection are 100% my own compositions & you can be confident knowing that no loops or samples have been used in the recordings so there is no third party invovlement which means absolute clearance can be guaranteed.

Buying one of my Music NFT's is also buying ownership of that composition, It now belongs to you.

From the date of purchase forward in perpetuity.

Any inquiries about licensing a soundtrack or about the NFT collection please contact me or contact form

PS. Harvest wasn't the only album to influence me back then, but it was the first.


Takamine 1992 Anniversary Model - Kualea Ukelele

Dolphin independent music awards held in Byron Bay

Telecaster - Gretsch New Yorker

WahWah Man


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